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A community where people gather to abandon there doctors diagnosis and focus on there God Given Destiny.

Destiny Over Diagnosis, Founded by Sarah Mae, was established in 2020 after the founder’s vigorous fight with epilepsy for over 16 years. I’ve decided to stop focusing on the Don’ts that came with my diagnosis and concentrate my DO’s. I personally understand how intimidating it feels to be given the diagnosis of a life altering aliment that’s designed to cap your life but I want to talk to the people who was given a concrete ceiling but decided to see it as glass

Break through it. Not just choosing to push themselves but shattering the stigmata place on there diagnosis and showing others there is life a diagnosis. That there is destiny over your diagnosis. Here I am leading by example.

Our organization is based on 5 pillars of Sewing the S.E.A.M.S to Success

S- Service

E- Education

A- Awareness

M- Ministry

S- Support



To Success


Community out reach and charitable events


Hosting Workshops, facilitating learning environment with expert leadership.


Participating in walks, hosting our own awareness events and provide peer to peer support 


Spiritual coaching
Prayer calls
Prayer walks


Social media Groups, meets ups, crisis calls, motivational calls, assisting and donating to other like minded organizations.

Destiny over Diagnosis was established in 2020 after the founder’s vigorous fight with epilepsy for over 15 years. Sarah Mae Brown decided to stop focusing on the things she couldn’t do because of her diagnosis and started concentrating on all of  the things she could DO! 

Sarah personally understands how intimidating it feels to be given the diagnosis, of a life altering aliment, designed to cap your life. She chose to commune with people who was handed a concrete ceiling, decided to see it as glass and shatter it! Those not only choosing to push themselves beyond their limitations, but also choosing to shatter the stigmata place on there diagnosis. These people are showing others that there is life after a diagnosis. They are showing others that you still have a God-given destiny over your diagnosis!

Our Goals

Our Goals

Become a resource hub

Providing vouchers and certificates for needs ranging foods sources to


Give out 10,000 in scholarships to assist in educational goals.


Become a nationwide organization

Raise Awareness

Bring more awareness to various diagnoses 

What The D.O.D. Honorees

Are Saying

Still honored by this award and more importantly who it comes from… not a random but a friend that knew my struggle as well as her own but we keep it moving… money had to be made… families had to raised 💜💜💜 Sarah Mae

Katrina H - Breast Cancer Survivor

I want to thank my family for coming to show support as I spoke at the Destiny Over Diagnosis Launch Event I wasn't expecting to get emotional but the slideshow did lol I was also an honor to b recognize by the organization To receive the award of the night was a blessing Myra Sweets Myra Mischeaux u got this Thanks to Sarah Mae for making apart of something so great U understood the assignment I might have MoyaMoya disease BUT it doesn't have me.

Myra Mischeaux MoyaMoya disease

What do you know about me?? There's more that meets the eye when you encounter me. I'm a leader. A cultivator. A message deliverer. A CEO. A wife. A mom/ gma. A Sister daughter and friend. However I am not a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. That may be my right now circumstance, but it's not my Destiny. I was so grateful to be a recipient of honor at the launch of Destiny over Diagnosis. Thank you Sarah Mae for a such a warm welcome in a cold world.

Feva Daniels Multiple Sclerosis

I want to thank Sarah Mae for having my daughter and I at her launch Destiny over Diagnose it was a success! Go follow


Past Events

Past Events

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Interested In Volunteering?



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